Edimax BR-6428ns v2: How to Unbrick after bad firmware

If you like me bricked your Edimax BR-6428ns V2 while upgrading it to its latest firmware follow this steps and get it back you life:

  1. Download the latest firmware
  2. You will not use wifi here so get an utp cable
  3. The computer used to flash the router should have a static IP, the router will automatically use IP so you can use something on /24 range, in my case I used
  4. Get some TFTP client, I used the Windows TFTP client (You have to enable the proper feature to use it)
  5. Once all previous steps are ready proceed as follows:
    1. Unplug your router
    2. Connect the lan cable to both the router and computer (If you have your computer connected to some other network things will get much easier if you disconnect all other networks while doing this)
    3. While pressing (And holding) the reset button plug it back
    4. Wait a couple of seconds before releasing the reset button, I waited between 5 and 10 seconds
  6. Flash the router, you have to push the firmware image with a tftp client in binary mode to, for example:
    tftp -i PUT Downloads\BR6428NSv2_v1.16\BR6428NSv2_v1.16\BR6428NSv2_v1.16.bin


  7. Wait some time until the router gets rebooted automatically, you will know once its get rebooted because of its light sequence.
  8. Change your IP settings back to DHCP assigned